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JWMS Winter 2018-19 Sports Registration is OPEN.

JWMS Fall 2018 Athletic Schedule Link

Intramural basketball begins 9/13/18

The philosophy of the JW Intramural Basketball Club is to provide students an opportunity to participate in activities "without a win at all cost atmosphere." Students are able to develop or refine skills in a variety of activities. He intramural program adds a new dimension to students’ education by improving self-esteem, stimulating other interests, and providing students the opportunity to achieve individual and team goals. While developing a sense of sportsmanship and fair play, they acquire knowledge and skills required for the future. 

The goals of the JW intramural basketball club are: 

* to have fun 

* to provide an opportunity for students to develop sportsmanship and fair play 

* to provide instruction and reinforce skills learned in the health and physical education program 

* to promote an understanding and insight into the value of physical fitness for a healthy lifestyle 

* to encourage all students to participate 

* to give students an opportunity to have social interaction in a constructive environment 

Students play an important role in the administration of the intramural program by selecting teams, assisting in refereeing games, and promoting the program. This enhances student leadership and responsibility. This active role is reinforced through the continuous cooperation and advice from the intramural coordinator. 

All sessions are held after school in the gymnasium from 3:00pm – 4:15pm. A copy of the schedule can be found on the John Witherspoon athletics website. 

All participants must arrive on time and be prepared to participate. Attendance will be taken daily. Chronic lateness may disqualify a student from participation. 

Listen to daily school announcements. Scheduling updates and special announcements will be shared during the morning or after school announcements. 

Equipment Needed: 

* Water Bottle 

* Athletic sneakers (with cotton socks), ideally those designed specifically for indoor basketball. 

* Athletic attire, which is not restrictive to athletic movement, such as running, jumping and shooting a basketball. 

* Eye protection for those students who are required to wear this equipment. Athletic glasses are recommended, in order to avoid injury. 

* Basketball will be provided. Do not bring your own.