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Fall 2016 JW Season Wrap Up!

Coed Cross Country JW:

The JWMS Cross Country Team has grown drastically in numbers over the past few years. This year, we had 71 runners who trained and competed with us at a high level. Both our Girls Team and Boys Team finished 8-2 for the season. Rarely done in Cross Country, our Boys and Girls Teams both managed to shut out teams throughout the season and take the top 5 positions in their meet. Our top 5 girls consistently averaged under 14 minutes, while our top 10 girls consistently averaged under 14:30 for 2 miles. Our top 5 boys averaged under 12:45 while our top 10 boys averaged under 13:00 for 2 miles. 100% of our runners improved their times from the first time they attended practice, until the last meet. The mean percent increase in speed on the Girl’s Team was 15.28%, while the Boy’s was 13.38%. Across 71 runners, in 34 days, we considered this to be a fantastic measure of improvement for our program.


Field Hockey JW:

The John Witherspoon Middle School Girls' Field Hockey Team finished the year with an undefeated record of 12 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie under the coaching of Alicia Perrine and Annemarie Goslin. The team was comprised of 17 returning players and 12 new players (to the JWMS program). Through the efforts of the coaching staff, a diverse group of player came together to have our most successful season yet.  This season we built and developed fundamental skills while defeating seasoned opponents. The success of this season is due to the hard work of many players. The eighth graders led their teammates by example and will be a fantastic edition to the high school program. Ruby Wright served as our goalie and ended the season with many shutouts and few goals scored against her in total. Shoshi Henderson led the team as our left-mid with her skillful passing and impressive technical skills she is a standout performer. Sofia Kaufman, served as right forward, her flexibility, consistency, and communication set an example for her teammates. Throughout Sofia's three seasons on the team, she exemplified strength, endurance, and sportsmanship. Allie Rho had an incredible season as left forward. Allie led the team in goals scored; she was able to keep her focus and throughout the season she completed game changing plays. Overall, the team came together to have an incredibly successful season.

Soccer Boys JW: The JW Boys Soccer Team had a VERY successful season. They finished the year UNDEFEATED, with a final record of 13-0-2. The Boys were led by 8th Grader, Ian Pompliano, who scored 21 Goals and provided 13 Assists in only 13 games played. Other 8th Graders who helped JW on this incredible season were Edward Aparicio, who added another 10 Goals and 6 Assists, while Nick Boucher had 8 Goals and 6 Assists of his own. Spencer Hamilton was also a standout, as he possessed an incredible ability that I have personally never seen at the Middle School level. He had the ability to take a throw-in from the sidelines at midfield, and throw it in the box every single time. He was a tremendous offensive threat, and earned 9 Total Assists, 7 of which came directly from a throw-in. He also scored 4 Goals of his own. Each of these boys will undoubtedly be an asset to the PHS Soccer program next year. Defensively, we would not have the success we had without mentioning 8th Grade brothers, Dylan and Ethan Parker, who provided disciplined defense and eliminated any potential scoring opportunities from our opponents. 7th Grader, Will Doran, was a superstar Keeper for the team, as he only allowed 6 goals to be scored all season long. Great season boys!
Author: Brian Dzbenski