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Fall 2017 JWMS Season Wrap Up!

Coed Cross Country JW:

During the Fall 2017 Cross Country Season, the boys went 7-4, and the girls went 10-0. We’ve had a growing number of participants each year, and we had over 110 participants this season, making up over 10% of the school’s student-body. We really focused on the individual wellness of each child, helping them set their own goals and being mentally and physically healthy. In conjunction, we strived to build a competitive program with tailored workouts to ability levels in order to race at a high level. We provided athletes with detailed data, graphs, and results to drive future improvement and goal-setting. On October 19th, 2017, JW hosted the first annual Greenway Meadows Invitational Meet. Out of the teams that came, JW Boys and Girls won their respective hilly 2 mile meets. The 7 girls who represented JW were: Clare Johnson who ran a 14:34, Coco Stadler ran a 14:24, Sofia Sotomayor ran a 13:53, Kate Becker ran a 13:38, Kyleigh Tangen ran a 13:18, Sayuri Bhatia ran a 13:02, and Lucy Kriepke ran a 13:00 setting the new course record for JW Girls. The 7 boys who represented JW were: Michio Patafio ran 13:06, Quinn Dobson ran 12:53, Pierson Swanke ran 12:37, Addison Motto ran 12:31, Marty Brophy ran 12:16, Zach Deng ran 12:10, and Aaron Munford broke 12 minutes for the 2 miles for the first time, running 11:58. The top 3 overall girls finishers were JW, as well as the top 3 overall boys. All participants received a Greenway Meadows shirt, while the top boys and girls’ teams received 1st place medals. Top 3 overall girls and boys were also awarded medals.

Field Hockey JW:

The John Witherspoon Middle School Girls’ Field Hockey Team finished the year with an incredible record of 9 wins, 1 losses, and 1 tie under the coaching of Alicia Perrine and Annemarie Goslin. The team was comprised of 15 returning players and 19 new players (to the JWMS program). Through the efforts of the coaching staff, a diverse group of players came together to form a winning team.
This season we built and developed fundamental skills while defeating seasoned opponents.  Our focus on fundamental stick skills, passing, and communication helped our team develop the skill set required for success.  The achievements of this team are due to the hard work of many players. Our only loss came occurred against Princeton Day School.  The game was played on turf which caused problems for many of our players because they had no experience on this surface.  In the future, the coaches ask that if we are to play on turf again, we have the opportunity to practice on turf prior to the game.  The eighth graders led their teammates by example and will be a fantastic addition to the high school program. Overall, the team came together to have an incredibly successful season. Frankie DeFaria (7 Shutouts) served as our goalie and ended the season with many shutouts and only 3 goals scored against her in total. Cartee O’Brien (2 Goals, 2 Assists) led the team as our center-mid with her skillful passing, communication, and athleticism Erin Kieswetter (5 Goals, 3 Assists) a three-year veteran of the JWMS is a standout performer with arguably the best stick skills of any player we have ever coached.  Given Erin’s outstanding technical skills she is a standout performer and will be a welcomed addition to the high school program. Grace Brown (3 Goals), served as center forward, her flexibility, consistency, and communication set an example for her teammates. Throughout Grace’s three seasons on the team, she exemplified strength, endurance, and sportsmanship. Devan Morey (2 Goals) had an incredible season as left-mid. Devan was able to keep her focus and throughout the season she completed game changing plays. Grace Rebak is a three-year veteran of the JWMS program.  Grace’s technical skill, thoughtful plays, sportsmanship, and athleticism were a critical component to the overall success of the team.  As our center defense, Grace made several game-changing plays. Her grit, determination, and eagerness helped Grace make a significant impact each time she stepped on the field.  Anushka Vachani (3 Goals) is a two-year veteran of the JWMS program.  During her time on this team Anushka has shown tremendous growth.  Her patience and desire to learn have helped to make an impact on our season. Abby Walden (5 goals) is a three-year veteran of the JWMS program.  Abby epitomizes sportsmanship and leadership every time she steps on the field.  Abby is often the first person at practice and the last person to leave.  She is role model for younger players due to her relentless efforts, impressive skill set, humility, and kindness.  Sarah White is a three-year veteran to the JWMS program.  As Sweep, Sarah prevented many goal scoring opportunities for our opponents and work with her fellow defenders to achieve seven shutouts this season.

Soccer Boys JW:

After an undefeated 2016-2017 season, JW Boys Soccer had a lot to live up to! While the boys did not repeat an undefeated season, they still finished with a very respectable winning record, as well as developed the skills for our new and returning student athletes The season started off strong with our A-Team defeating PDS 8-0 and Fisher 7-1. Our B-Team would also win their first match vs. Fisher, with a final score of 10-0. The core of the team consisted an abundance of midfield talent, while the defensive backs and strikers supported their efforts from their respective positions. Leading scorers for the A-Team was Lasse Herslov, with 8 goals scored. Cooper Ealy and Palmer Maurer each added 6 goals, while Breno de Sousa Lima Azevedo added 4 of his own. Leading the assists for the A-Team was Emil Hansen with 5 assists. Cooper Ealy and Ozzie Bayazitoglu each added 4 more, while Breno de Sousa Lima Azevedo, Quinn Ramsay, and Drew Petrone add 3 more of their own. Leading scorers for the B-Team was Shodai Maki, with 8 goals scored. Carlos Caceres and Henry Doran each added 6 goals of their own, while Patrick Kenah and Brandon Urias each added 4 of their own. Leading the assists for the B-Team was Patrick Kenah with 4 assists, while eight other B-Players provided additional assists of their own. All-in-all, this was a tremendous season for JW Boys Soccer, and we are confident that next year’s PHS Freshman Boys Soccer team will be as strong as ever. Coach Rothschild and Hennessy are greatly looking forward to working with our returning 6th and 7th grade student athletes next year as rising 7th and 8th graders, and will continue to expand their abilities within this competitive and enriching sport.

Soccer Girls JW: 

The JW Girl's Soccer season had a tremendous season of growth and development. From a team that had zero wins two years ago to 7-3-1 this season, the girls worked incredibly hard to build a solid foundation. The girls not only realized that hard work and dedication to the sport works, but also sportsmanship, unselfish play and working as a team brings results. The team saw goals from midfield, goals repeatedly shut down from amazing teams in our league, they fostered friendships and connections on our own team as well as with players from our opponents. The teams learned that it isn't always the end result but how we get there, honestly, fairly and with pride in ourselves and our game. The coaches are so proud to have been a part of this amazing team. Thanks girls!

Tennis Club JW:

Intramural tennis had an exciting fall season at JW.  The team met 15 times and welcomed players new to the sport as well as seasoned veterans of the court.  The club walked over to the Community Park Tennis Courts each day and the students were able to bond with each other and the coaches outside of the classroom.  Over 40 students participated during the season and about 25 attended each day.  Experienced players enjoyed daily singles and doubles matches, while the newer players received instruction on the basics.  Coach Powlen demonstrated the forehand and backhand strokes and helped children with positive and constructive feedback.  New athletes were able to hit the ball with both Coach Powlen and Coach Mathews.  By the end of the season everyone had made tremendous gains in skill and confidence with the sport.  Games of "jail" were the highlight of the season.  Each day we crowned one or two winners and celebrated the accomplishments of every athlete.

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