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Fall 2018 Season Wrap Up!

JW Girls Soccer:

The JW Girl's Soccer had another successful season. In the last three years the soccer program has continued to grow and develop into a very competitive program. Even after losing tremendous talent to graduating 8th graders last year the A Team continues to dominate the league with amazing play by our returning A Team players: Sarah Granozio, Casey Serxner, Rowan Gilmore, Sophia Jaffe, Katherine Monroe, Sophia Kearns, Maya Zeruld, Carolina Kok, Frankie Gamio-Legnani, and Evie Kirby. We brought developed players up from last years B Team to add to the talent this year with Nat Caime, Kayla Lopez Azogue, Sophia Grossman and Rachel Luo. We also recruited some amazing talent in Lucia Salvato, Holly Howes, Brielle Moran, Alysse Kieswetter and Kate Delaney to make a team that was unstoppable.

The B-Team this year had a lot of young talent that are developing into a team that can be very successful. We had some players that were brand new to soccer and other girls who had played hard for their JW team for 2-3 years and everyone improved their level of play. Led by some great leaders in Pauline Pluchard Cole who saw playing time on both A and B teams, Chiara Lavino, Piper Dubow, Michelle Luque and Riya Menor, they grew with each game. Robyn Wachtel and Ava Taebert were a powerful duo in the midfield to help control the play on the field. Rachel McInerney was an amazing goalie until an injury took her out early in the season, but others stepped up to help in goal. Allessandra DiBianco, Ella Hemon, Christina Metaxas, Ellie Naggar, Lilliana DoNascimento, Inis Lopez Guzman, Ece Ergin, Malook Bouchama and Alicia Xu all played in multiple positions figuring out which one would be the best fit.

The girl's soccer team not only improved in their soccer skills, but developed lasting friendships and connections over their time together. They proved to everyone their sportsmanship and integrity is unquestioned and made the coaches, Ms. Wargo and Mrs. Riely incredibly proud. Great job girls!!

JW Boys Soccer:

The boys John Witherspoon Middle School soccer team had a very successful season. We started out the season by deciding that we were not going to have any cuts, which allowed for full participation. What a great decision that was because the coaches and players developed some great relationships with the players that otherwise would not have made the team. We also implemented a Friday developmental day where players could grow, learn, or rest. The team atmosphere was apparent throughout the season. The A and B teams worked together at practices and helped each other improve. They would aways volunteer to help each other out in any way necessary. One of our measures of success was improvement among all of our players. This goal was achieved. Our lower level players became much better all around, and our veteran players developed more specific skills. Everyone built up their fitness level. Some learned to be on a team, and some learned how to lead a team.  Our team was consistently setting the bar for quality sportsmanship and always cognizant of representing themselves, their coaches, JW, and their parents. Our success was also evident in the numerous positive comments and emails from parents. We were also undefeated on the year with the A team. It was obvious that skills were built and friendships cultivated. Ms Murray provided excellent leadership by always providing us with the logistics, equipment and positive support needed to succeed. It was a great season.

JW Field Hockey:

The John Witherspoon Middle School Girls’ Field Hockey Team
finished the year with an undefeated record of 6 wins, 1 loss, and 4 ties under the coaching of Alicia Perrine and Annemarie Goslin. The team was comprised of 18 returning players and 19 new players (to the JWMS program). Through the efforts of the coaching staff, a diverse group of players came together to have a winning season.  This season we focused our attention on building and developing fundamental skills. The success of this season was due to the hard work of many players. The eighth graders led their teammates by example and will be a fantastic edition to the high school program. Our program was supported by the defense of Sara Caron and Sofia Prenner and offensively by Alison McInernery, Ava Rameriz, and Sophie Feldman.  Sophie Feldman led the team asour center-forward with her skillful playing. She is a standout performer and led the team in scoring. Ava Rameriz and Alison McInernery joined the team this year and served as an example to their teammates with their flexibility, consistency, and sportsmanship. Both Ava and Alison stood out for their impressive skills and will be a fantastic addition to the high school program. Over the course of the program, Sofia Prenner and Sara Carson have showed amazing growth and dedication to the sport.  As captains, along with Sophie Feldman, they served as exemplary role models to the younger players. Overall, the team came together to have an incredibly successful season.

JW Cross Country:

During the Fall 2018 Cross Country Season, the boys went 9-0, and the girls went 10-0.  We really focused on the individual wellness of each child, helping them set their own goals and being mentally and physically healthy. In conjunction, we strived to build a competitive program with tailored workouts to ability levels in order to race at a high level. We provided athletes with detailed data, graphs, and results to drive future improvement and goal-setting. On November 1st, 2018, JW hosted the 2nd annual Greenway Meadows Invitational Meet. Out of the teams that came, JW Boys won and Girls placed 2nd in their respective 2 mile meets. The 7 girls who represented JW were: Kyleigh Tangen running a 12:04, Lucy Kriepke 12:38, Sofia Sotomayor 13:39, Natalie Austerman 14:16, Clare Johnson 14:18, Lisa Nayaka 14:28, and Taylor Jones 14:48. The 7 boys who represented JW were: Marty Brophy 11:27 , Zachary Deng 11:28 , Theo Balavoine 11:35 , Pierson Swanke 11:39, Michio Patatfio 11:51,Cole Rose 11:57 and Nico Vitaro 12:10. All participants received a Greenway Meadows shirt, while the two boys and girls’ teams received 1st place medals. Top 3 overall girls and boys were also awarded medals. This year JW participated in the NJ State Middle School Invitational Meet. All 21 of our JW athletes ran incredible races and represented our school with a lot of pride. The JW girls team finished in 4th place overall and the boys team finished in 3rd place overall, earning medals! For the first time, we've had our athletes finish in the top 20 boys, and top 20 girls.

JW Girls Intramural B-Ball:

The Girls' Intramural Basketball program had a success 2018 fall season.  Several days a week a core group (8-10) of ladies enjoyed the fast paced competition on the basketball court.  Each day we mixed up the teams and worked on basic fundamentals of the game and took breaks to go over violations and rules of the game.  Everyone had a good time and learned the value of working as a team. Coach Mathews worked to develop a sense of community and inclusiveness on the court throughout the fall season.

JW Boys Intramural B-Ball: TBD


JW Tennis Club:

The Tennis Club at John Witherspoon Middle School just finished another successful season on Tuesday, October 24th.  Interest in the club spiked this year, with over 80 kids signing up at the beginning of the fall. Due to high enrollment, the club split its membership into two groups based on grade: A and B.  Cob Powlen offered instruction to kids of all experience levels, and Benito Gonzalez assisted by leading kids through drills, relays, and fun group tennis games. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both coaches and students!


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